Skull Tags Each skull has a number......0 to -11 on the back. At the start of each game your score will start with the number you hold.


For example if you hold -10 you start with that score for the round....if you hold -7 your score will start there. This allows for all of our divisions to play together and still have a chance at winning, and playing the best we can.


We will start our weekly tag leauge starting every Saturday July 3rd - October 30th. There will be a few Saturday's where we will not play due to tournaments or weather. Reminders will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Start time will be 10a.m. and will be 2 rounds of 18.... Players will be random draw for both rounds.


You will keep, or trade your skull at the end of each round. 15min break in between each round. Playoff's will be October 16th & 23rd. These days are the final days the tags will move. Cards will then be set up for the final based on the tags they end up with during playoffs.


Final cards play Saturday October 30th Main card tags 0,-1,-2,-3,-4,-5 Chase card tags -6, -7, -8, -9,-10,-11.


If you loose or break your skull, we will replace it for free.....however if you simply forget your skull, you get the red skull of death that has a +10, and that is where your score will start. So don't forget your skull!!!!! Please only sign up if you plan to play weekly. We would like everyone to show up every Saturday to make it as fair as possible. We do understand that life happens though, so if you can't make it please let us know with a message on our Facebook, instagram, or text.


Price: $50 each skull 12 skulls available $20 goes to the course $30 goes to the purse Skull Purse: $360 Top three skulls paid at the end of the season......... Main Card prizes: SKULL O $150 1ST SKULL -1 $100 2ND SKULL -2 $60 3RD Chase card prize: SKULL-6 $50 6TH


Skull Tags

Skull Tag fee is $50

PAYMENT DUE JULY 2ND. If you are paying online please put in your Pay Pal, Cash App or Venmo name above. I will then send an invoice to pay. 

Thanks for submitting!

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