Forever Straw Color Set

Forever Straw Color Set


The straws are glass, 8 inches long, and 12mm wide.  The straws are clear, teal, blue, and green!


These glass straws are reusable. You can use them all day, everyday! They can be passed down generations and have a story to tell.  Glass does not decompose, but can be recycled, saving more of the earth’s natural resources.

Pyrex glass!
Dishwasher safe!

Great for:
Essential oils!
Warm and cold drinks!
Purée foods and liquid diets! 
Smoothies, shakes and slushees!
Cold press and ice coffees! 

Rinse your straw right away for excellent cleaning results.  They can go in the dishwasher, or a 12-16mm bristle brush can be used for cleaning.  The bend prevents rolling, and each straw is kilned and properly annealed for quality and durability.

They not only add style to your beverage but you are reducing your carbon foot print on this planet.  


500 million straws are used daily in the U.S. It takes 500 years for one straw to decompose and most plastic straws are not recyclable.  They litter our planet every second of the day.